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In order to help your family members prevent cavities and gum disease, you can teach them way to take good care of their teeth in between dental visits. Use the following set of care tips in order to give everyone in your family a good start on maintaining excellent oral health!

Practice Good Eating Habits

According to the American Dental Association, keeping a balanced and nutritional diet is a necessary phase of caring for your teeth. Try and consume foods that are high in calcium and protein such as dairy products and lean meats. These play an important part in protecting and rebuilding your tooth enamel.

Steer clear of foods that have excessive amounts of sugar or a high acidic level. Foods and drinks like that may lead to tooth decay. Opt of fresh fruit if you need a sugar fix.

Make Sure Your Water Contains Fluoride

Fluoride is a mineral that has been proven to protect teeth from tooth decay and prevent cavities in both children and adults. Tap water is fluoridated, and so it is actually recommended that individuals optimize that free fluoride.

Follow these two simple steps and you should see a major improvement in yours and your families overall oral health!

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Custom Whitening Trays to Brighten Your Smile | Snohomish Dentist


If you have ever had to hide your smile because your teeth aren’t white, there are a multitude of safe and simple options which are catered to helping you improve the whitening of your smile. Aside from brushing and flossing, you have the option to whiten your teeth using custom trays.

Custom trays made by your dentist to specifically fit the crevices of your mouth, reducing the chances of leakage during the application of the teeth whitening gel.

Before starting your whitening process, your dentist will clean your teeth and treat any existing dental issues like decay, or gum disease. The next step is making your custom trays, known as stents or custom bleach splints. After the impression of your teeth is taken, your dentist will use the molds to make the trays.

Once your molds are completed, your dentist will tell you to place a small amount of the bleaching solution into the clear trays and wear the trays for up to four hours a day for one to two weeks.

This method of teeth bleaching is a safe and effective technique when and if used properly and instructed by a professional. It is an easy and painless procedure that should leave your teeth looking as white as ever!

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